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“Quitting is not the real answer to adversity

Battling,to make it light,could be.”

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“I will not quit,

I just want to have some rest.”

‘I am Insecure”

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I want these,

I want that.

I love those what she got,

I love what she even wears

I wanna eat what she eats.


Yes I am!

I push myself to insuperable,

I myself wants to soar…..

This is me,the real me….

Forcing myself to be them,Exactly What insecurity means!

Dad!Here’s my Undying Love

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The day has come

yet you made me a desolate one,

you leave me in a midst of loneliness

I’m void,sullen and so….

Dancing together in the apex of happiness,

From you is what really I gotta miss.

Your love and endless memories to us will be cherished

Thou shall not forget

thou shall be engraved and nailed unto the deepest chamber of my heart,

Pa!I offer you my unconditional love,let this be your companion wherever you may go…

You Maybe with God I think so…

You are beautiful and the best dad in the whole universe..

You’re hands tapping my shoulder,

Will remain with me forever…..and,

Dad here’s my undying love!

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“Some things,need to be used to know its purpose”

“Friends Poor Ever”

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Judge me who I am,

Spit out what you want to say

Here I am will listen to you and stay.

For every words you throw,it will go astray.

Whatever happens you’ll be a friend

A friend poor ever

as we go together

nothing prevails,but fear.

For if you will leave me

In a great ball of fire

in nothingness I swear,

You will become bitter.

But a friend will not wish you in vain

Though it’s like you bring me to chain

Still you’re a friend

A  friend whom caused this meaningful tears..

Though it goes like that

You’re one of those I’ll never forgot

‘Cause you didn’t treat me well?

then, you’ve shown to me,you’re a friend poor ever!


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ROXANNE:Though there are things out there that may cause desolateness but still you’ve helped me never let those ruin the day and what happen today.
The moments we had will be cherished and will be engraved unto the deepest part of my heart.You really proved that happiness may come in every sadness we had faced,if and only if ,we just gotta let it in.
You’ve been part of every little special days of my life,maybe my THANK YOU is not enough but I know God will return all those kindness of yours in a form of blessing and give it to you in a thousand folds.

Turning 17 right?


I turned 17,but my mind turns like 7!(IMMATURITY!)

One more year to go,I will be legal.Legal what?WIFE?VOTER?:)

Beeing 17,is just like nothing,nothing to be like,its just normal.

“I am not getting older,I am just learning how to become better”