ROXANNE:Though there are things out there that may cause desolateness but still you’ve helped me never let those ruin the day and what happen today.
The moments we had will be cherished and will be engraved unto the deepest part of my heart.You really proved that happiness may come in every sadness we had faced,if and only if ,we just gotta let it in.
You’ve been part of every little special days of my life,maybe my THANK YOU is not enough but I know God will return all those kindness of yours in a form of blessing and give it to you in a thousand folds.

Turning 17 right?


I turned 17,but my mind turns like 7!(IMMATURITY!)

One more year to go,I will be legal.Legal what?WIFE?VOTER?:)

Beeing 17,is just like nothing,nothing to be like,its just normal.

“I am not getting older,I am just learning how to become better”



Happy Birthday LORIE!


Hi,hello!Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.

ii dont know what to say,,hmmm,,,maybe am just a wierd one writing this,where in fact you cant read this because you do not know that i have a blog…

I always wish FOR a special friend
who’d be close to my heart
it came true when I meet you
on your special day I wish  happy b’day!

hmmm,,by the way,how old are you?17 right?

you know what i really do not know why i really feel like i admire you.its because you are affable?or really amazing?anyways,,thank you so much for everythinggggg,,,I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

Here’s  another year of experience.Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!

There couldn’t be a Better time
to Wish Nice Time ,Things for U,

Beginning with a Birthday
that’s Happy all day through

And after that, the very best
of Luck n Health n cheer,

And everything it takes to make
a Very Happy Year



I might have got late conveying my wishes and might possibly be the last one to do so… but the fruit of wait is always the best and the sweetest.
A very Happy Birthday!


The Past:A Beautiful Place to Visit, An Ugly Venue to Stay


I wonder why?

three words was said,

I ate it.

No process was ever made.


Days runs so fast,

8 months last.

No conversation and trust,

How did those things happened?,I asked.

A day  to decide,I set.

To let him free,I did.

Like a game we two played,

Did I?Did he too?

Questions flying in the outskirt of my head.


We enjoyed traveling different journeys,

Reminiscing him,on the way

I messed up,the right words to say.


Desolate past,I could never forgot

Once in my life you’re the only fainted guy I got.

No defense to let me stay.


A sullen feeling maybe,

to swerve is what you always gonna do,

I’m so desperate to bring you back too.

My zeal leaves me now and so as you!


Reminiscing the past is somewhat awkward

Sometimes my mind go beyond to any boulevard,

It’s just that a past with a beautiful start,

and hard to forgot.

but a butterfly whispers and lend my ears,

“visit the past,but never stay there for so long,for you are just

putting yourself to jail where no one else will save you there.


Wake up and enjoy your journey

travel everywhere,the flying colors are waiting you somewhere.

The past is just a beautiful place to visit but not a good place to stay.



(not all maybe)