A New Beginning

Life is never easy

I say it everyday

A dark nightmare

follows me everywhere

Something blocks the way

It’s a big wave,a tsunami

Great challenge!I see

Turn back,and walk away

I think that’s the only way.

Endless fear,invades me

But one thing I remember

I wanna go there,

and somebody whispers

“Unlock your vision dear,

Erase all your fears

Go ahead and go forward,

Leave the past don’t be coward

Remember,what you wanted to have.

To cross and be there,

With God,I remember

Everything is possible,I swear.

Finally,a new beginning and season

I unlock my vision,

and now I am boldly radiated with deep love and passion.

Oh,Jesus,It is you!!


Friends on The go!


CYMERA_20150109_184529[1] CYMERA_20150109_185009[1]

What is with rudeness?

Why it brings friendship into the peak of happiness??

Friendship is about having wonderful moments with friends and sticking to what goes on.Everyday I met people but they come and go.That’s life,relax,accept it and live it.They are just acquaintances maybe.

Friends are one of the ingredients of the recipe called life.Life would be so boring,flat and relax without rude,jolly gals and sarcastic friends.They add flavor to our lives.In fact.we can’t live without them in some ways.They are the people who ride on our immaturity and somehow maturely understand us in every situation.

Why are friends make us happy?

According to James Fowler,friends are what make us uniquely human.There is no other species that interacts so widely with other members of their species.

Friends fill up an invaluable role as a confidant,someone who listens and pay attention to you and is willing to help you and has shared interests.There is a give and take,balance that doesn’t put too much weight on one party.

Friends will never leave you melancholic instead pull you up and bring you to the apex of joy.

Friendship is one of the reasons why involving in a relationship for me is not a big deal. because having and loving a friend is really  the best feeling.

I am a person or I say I like to think of myself as a fairly cool person who is easy to get to know.I so love-making friends because friendship has been one of my most important life values.

Hanging out with them,sharing jests and laughter eradicates desolateness.What about cries?They were there too,serving as handkerchief and shoulder to lean on.That’s why I am very much thankful,blissful and lucky having thy relationship with friends because I know it won’t end.

This is a cold hard fact that friends are enough.